Rehearsals for our productions are mandatory. We choreograph and stage material at a fast pace, so you simply have to get prepared and show up. It’s not just about knowing your own music and catching up on your choreography when you’re away. It’s about who is standing next to you and where everyone needs to fit while on stage. This is a team and your presence is necessary. We post the rehearsal breakdowns on the private calendar above. It’s important that you always check the rehearsal schedule prior to rehearsal, as last-minute changes sometimes occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Arrive to rehearsals ON TIME, which means five minutes before practice times to get your shoes on, have a good stretch, and be ready to go.


The church has requested that only our MD Brad Barnham or Director Sarah Langford touch the grand piano in the Sanctuary. Please also refrain from eating in the sanctuary. Our rehearsal space should be left just as it was when we arrive - whatever garbage we bring in we must take out! Please plan on disposing your coffee cups and food items at home. There are multiple user groups present at this church; please be respectful of other groups and enter the building only 5 minutes before your call time. No smoking on the front walkway or anywhere on church property (but all of you are singers and don't smoke anyways).


Getting the most out of this experience requires preparation. We ask that actors in MainStage shows learn their music and lines prior to the start of rehearsals and in fact, arrive at the table read memorized, off book, and ready to perform. If you have any trouble learning your music, Wavestage can recommend coaches for you. Additionally, Sarah Langford runs a full voice studio and is available to work with your voice on this project.


Table reads are a sing/act-through of the entire show. Be fully prepared to confidently perform for your cast. We film and photograph these so please be sure to avoid t-shirts and attire with logos or text on them. This also goes for remaining rehearsals, which we frequently photograph/film.


Our Dance Captains should visit this page to read about the roles & responsibilities of this position. 


Please refrain from consuming peanuts or shellfish before or during rehearsals. We also ask that no perfume or cologne be worn. Deodorant, however, is essential and required. Our rehearsal space is a peanut and cologne free building!


Parents picking up children are requested to be on time. This is because we cannot guarantee an adult will be able to stay with your child if you are late.


Layers are best for rehearsal. Please avoid wearing clothing with visible labels or obvious logos (with the exception of the official show merchandise), as we regularly film and photograph our rehearsals to promote the productions. For this reason also, we ask that you dress conservatively. We want our members to be represented in the best way possible. Hair should be tied back out of the way for choreography rehearsals. For footwear: character shoes for ladies and dress/dance oxfords for men.


All performers are expected to have a professionally photographed headshot. You will need both a 5 inch by 7 inch print, black & white headshot as well as a high resolution digital black & white headshot. They must be vertical orientation images. Print headshots can be delivered to Sarah Langford in person at rehearsal.


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