In order to promote this show, you will need to create buzz on social media! Just sharing the ticket links & poster is not enough! Whoever completes the most of the following items before opening night will win a special prize on closing!!!

  1. Merch selfie with a small group of your fellow cast members!
  2. Photo of your pre-rehearsal ritual. Coffee? Reviewing lines on the patio?
  3. Prop out of context photo. Pose with a prop during a dress rehearsal. 
  4. Share official rehearsal trailer when it's live.
  5. Share official production trailer when it's live.
  6. Photo of your extensive choreo/staging/musical direction notes! Behind the scenes peeks.
  7. Carpool karaoke video on the way to rehearsal.
  8. Before and after photo of your full hair and makeup.
  9. Boomerang of your favourite dance section. 
  10. Photo of stretching/warm up in rehearsal. 
  11. Convert your Facebook profile with the show profile & cover photos!
  12. Tweet or FB post your favourite Big Fish lyric or quote! 
  13. Lots of cast member selfies. Exhausted after choreo? Post a rehearsal kicked our butts selfie. Excited for a run through? Post a thumbs up selfie with your fellow cast members. Behind the scenes (but none of the stage - don't give too much away) photos. The list goes on and on.

Make sure you're posting these somewhere public and using the official #WavestageBigFish hashtag!