24th Season Auditions

We are thrilled to be booking auditions for 24th season, starting with The Hunchback of Notre Dame (July 2018) and Hello, Dolly! (November 2018). Auditions for West Side Story will be held in October 2018. All roles are open for non-equity performers. We will be casting this production in the next month with auditions taking place in Toronto by appointment (Mt. Pleasant & Eglington) on the following dates/times:

Saturday, February 10, 4-6pm FULL
Sunday, February 11, 2-5pm FULL
Tuesday, February 13, 7-9pm FULL
Sunday, February 18, 2-4pm FULL
Saturday, Feb 24 , 4-6pm
Sunday, Feb 25, 2-3pm

All actors are requested to prepare TWO contrasting musical theatre songs (32 bars). You may be asked to read some sides in your audition. Please bring a resume and recent headshot. 

Video auditions will be accepted until February 13th for performers currently abroad. All actors, both Wavestage veterans and those performing with us for the first time, will be expected to submit/present an audition for casting consideration. 

Wavestage is interested in performers of all ages, skillsets, ethnicities, size and gender. There are a variety of featured roles available for both skilled dancers and non-dancers. 

We look forward to receiving your audition for these exciting musical productions!



QUASIMODO, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME – Tenor, reads 18-30 – The bell ringer of Notre Dame, grown fearful and withdrawn from a lifetime of isolation. Need an expressive physical actor, able to communicate ideas and emotions with limited dialogue. Vocally, must be a very strong tenor able to sing consistently above the staff. Please prepare: Out There (2nd half of song). 

ARCHDEACON CLAUDE FROLLO – Bass Baritone, reads 45-55 – Quasimodo’s adopted father and the antagonist of the play, Frollo is NOT a moustache-twirling villain, a cynical hypocrite, or a monster … at least, not at first. He is motivated by a genuine and honest desire to do right as he sees it, to lead and teach with wisdom, and to pursue perfection in thought and deed. Need a physically and vocally imposing baritone. vocal range: E2-Bb4.

ESMERALDA – Female with a strong mid-range belt, reads 25-30 – A Gypsy dancer, new to Paris, she is independent, stubborn, ferocious, and perhaps a bit cynical. She is also an experienced performer, and as such readily adaptable and difficult to surprise. Strong dancer required. vocal range: E3-D5. 

CAPTAIN PHOEBUS DE MARTIN – Baritone, reads 25-30 – A handsome, charming, charismatic soldier. He has seen much war and bloodshed, but little of society and politics, leaving him once jaded and naive. A2-Ab4

CLOPIN TROUILLEOU – Baritone, reads 25-45 – The unofficial but unquestioned first among equals of the Gypsies of Paris, Clopin is a thief, a duelist, a magician, a dancer, and a storyteller. He also serves as a bit of an omniscient narrator when the occasion warrants. D3- F#5. Please prepare: Topsy Turvy.

FLORIKA – Soprano. A gypsy and Quasimodos Mother  E4-f#5

JEHAN FROLLO - Male 25-35 Claudes reckless younger brother; with the gypsy Folorika he fathers Quasimodo, who he leaves in his brothers care; wild, passionate, and strong willed; range F3-Eb5

FATHER DUPIN - Male 40-65 A priest of Notre Dame and Claude and Jehans guardianVocal range C3-A5

TRIBUNAL - Male, 20-55 - a judicial officer; vocal range top: G2-E4.

SAINT APHRODISIUS -  Male, 25-55 a stained-glass image that comes to life; vocal range: B3-E4.

THE SAINTS AND THE GARGOYLES – Approx. 8 male, 8 female, any ages – Quasimodo’s friends, advisors, and confidants, they are not the comic relief characters of the animated film but a much more ominous troup on the whole. They are also, in the strictest technical sense, statues. Significant solo and small ensemble singing, some dancing. Strong singers required.

ENSEMBLE "THE PEOPLE OF PARIS" – Any age – A small ensemble of townspeople, soldiers, and gypsies. Please note that this will be principally a dance ensemble; singing ability is a bonus.

THE CHOIR – Approx. 50 choral singers – The bulk of the choral work in this production will be handled by the Choir. They will not be asked to learn choreography or blocking, and will not be required to memorize music. They must be able to hold harmonies.The rehearsal schedule for the Choir will be significantly lighter than that of the rest of the cast, with only 1 choir rehearsal weekly until show run-throughs begin in mid-June.

LIEUTENANT FREDERIC CHARLUS -  Lieutenant of the Cathedral Guard and loyal friend to Phoebus. Male.

KING LOUIS XI - King of France, nicknamed the Prudent. Male .

MADAM - Owner of a brothel and safe haven for gypsies. Female.



MRS. DOLLY GALLAGHER LEVI - 40-60 mezzo-soprano G-G wide vocal range . In any scenario, character, heart and likeability should come through whenever Dolly sings. She is a widow in her “middle years”, and is a meddling matchmaker. She is a strong character with commanding presence, but she must also show compassion and vulnerability. Prepare: Before the Parade m.79-126

HORACE VANDERGELDER - Horace Vandergelder 45-65 baritone B-E As with Dolly, character is the key to his casting. Vandergelder is a widowed “half a millionaire”, is strong and gruff, but must show a vulnerable, softer side. He and Dolly must have a wonderful ‘stage chemistry’. He is the owner of a Hay and Feed store and a client of Dolly’s. Prepare: It Takes a Woman m. 3

ERMENGARDE - Age 16-25 mezzo-soprano E-G#. She is Mr. Vandergelder’s 17 year old niece who is very dramatic and often weepy. She is a strong dancer who wants to marry Ambrose Kemper.

AMBROSE KEMPER - 18-30 tenor E-G# A young, energetic artist who wants Vandergelder’s permission to marry his niece, Ermengarde. Strong dancer!

CORNELIUS HACKL - 22-35 tenor or baritone Bb – F#  He is Vandergelder’s chief clerk. He is 33 years old, charming and naïve, but not as naïve as Barnaby! Corneilus seeks the company of Irene Molloy. Strong dancer. Prepare: Put on Your Sunday Clothes m.37-54 (high notes at end) It Only Takes a Moment m. 19-m.34

BARNABY TUCKER: 17-25 baritone C-G#  A 17 year old assistant to Cornelius. He is fun loving and naïve as ever. His boyish innocence must come through. Prepare: Dancing m. 90-110

IRENE MOLLOY - 22-35 Soprano or mezzo soprano G-F A classy lady, she is a millineress with a hat shop near 14th Street in New York City. Dolly “matches” her with Vandergelder, but Irene spends the evening out on the town with Cornelius, Barnaby and Minnie. Prepare: Ribbons Down My Back

MINNIE FAY - 16-25 soprano or mezzo D-F A young girl who works in Irene’s hat shop. A wonderful opportunity for a good character actress.  music: Motherhood March m. 61-m.83 Elegance m. 52-m.71 – sing all parts Chorus music: Put on Your Sunday Clothes m. 99-114 

ERNESTINA - 35-50 Mezzo soprano: sings “Sweet Rosie O’Grady” A great character role with many ways it can be played. There is a large comedic scene in Act II with Vandergelder at Harmonia Gardens. Audition song should demonstrate comedic ability.

RUDOLPH REISENWEBER - 40-60 Resonant bass. He is the Harmonia Gardens Prussian major-domo… a strong character role that requires an accent. 

MRS. ROSE - 50-70 Alto – ensemble singing – no solo singing for the audition A small cameo role that is quite sweet and endearing. She sells vegetables from a street cart and is an old friend of Dolly’s. 

Ensemble Roles -  1st Cook, 2nd Cook, Stanley, Judge, Court Clerk, Policeman, Paperhanger, Male Glee Club (in “It Takes A Woman”) T T B B 

Ethno-Cultural Mandate:

Wavestage encourages submissions from all qualified performers, and prides itself on having an environment of equity, inclusion, and diversity. Artists from under-represented communities are encouraged to apply for auditions without regard to age, disability, ethno-cultural identity, gender or any other basis prohibited by law. All artists are invited to remove measurements and physical features from the resume. 

Applying artists should be aware that Wavestage also does not tolerate any form of harassment of its employees, clients, volunteers, or any persons visiting or spending time on its premises. 


Taking part in a Wavestage production is not a light commitment. Please take the time to fully assess whether or not you are able to make that commitment before you audition. It is imperative to the success of this production that everyone involved is able to give it their full attention and time. That said, if you do audition and are cast, the artistic team promises that your time will not be wasted. We will do the utmost to make sure we maximize rehearsals and that the rehearsal process and the performances will be artistically challenging and enjoyable. 


Please see our youth programs for children and teens for more information on how to get your child involved.