Advertise with Wavestage

Your support is critical for Wavestave in helping us sustain our quality productions and enabling us to continue the highest standard of musical and dramatic instruction. Our advertisers make a profound difference in our productions by helping to defray the tremendous costs of these events. Build your brand, reinforce your key messages and augment your sales by advertising with Wavestage Theatre Company.

House Programs

Access every patron in attendance with our House Programs. Your ads increase your effectiveness by reaching people with buying capability. Stretch your advertising budget – we offer savings for multiple advertisements. Running ads in all four Wavestage productions saves 20%.

Video Advertising

Reach Wavestage’s patrons through our production’s promotional videos. We release multiple pre-production trailers and promotional videos on our Youtube and Vimeo channels, which then get shared on all of our social media accounts. These videos are shared by our cast and fans to their extended networks.