Wavestage welcomes adults interested in performing in musicals, operas and choral music concerts. Our performances provide an excellent opportunity for all backgrounds and levels of experience and ability. We will help you develop your vocal talents and dramatic skills. Participants will learn voice techniques to help produce a stronger, healthier sound, manage stage fright, learn how to define character and character-based singing. Adults have opportunities in both solo and ensemble singing in all our main stage productions and choral concerts.

We offer opportunities for people of all ages and levels of experience to work on our theatrical productions behind-the-scenes. Whether your interest lies in volunteering as crew, working on costumes, joining the marketing team, or gaining valuable experience as a Production Assistant, Wavestage has the volunteer opportunity for you.


Wavestage offers foundational classes for the beginning actor as well as more advanced classes for those embarking on a professional career. Check back each month for upcoming workshops.

Even experienced actors understand that their skills need constant refreshing in order to rise to any given challenge. We welcome participants of all ages and skill levels. Some of our workshops include audition classes, tap dancing intensives, acting classes, voice projection classes, and our popular “Broadway Bootcamp” dance workshop. From weekly classes to special one off opportunities, there really is something for everyone.