Discover how Wavestage Theatre Company can enrich the curriculum and extend student learning beyond the classroom.

Thousands of school children from all across GTA have experienced the excitement of live theatre and have watched stories being brought to life in our productions. We offer special student matinee performances during school hours. These performances are magical for young people, and often life changing. They ignite imaginations, inspire a passion for the arts, and open the door to new possibilities and ways of seeing the world. We invite you to take advantage of Wavestage Theatre Company’s extremely affordable ticket pricing for student matinees. Offer your students and endless gift of inspired theatre.

Live theatre has a unique power to present an issue so that it resonates in a way no classroom setting or textbook can duplicate. Theatre can bring history to life, shed new light on complex issues and educate without preaching. Wavestage Theatre Company believes that live musical performances are much more than just a tool for language arts and drama education; theatre can also help teachers of history, science, social studies, psychology and Canadian studies. For 25 seasons Wavestage has been enriching, enlivening and enlightening students through matinee performances of productions designed to complement the curriculum of Grades 1-12.

To inquire about school group rates and/or to reserve your seating, please contact us. Full educators package for 2019 is available upon request.