Wavestage Dance Captains

The Dance Captain is a member of the company who maintains the artistic standards of all choreography and/or musical staging in a production. The Dance Captain shall always work in tandem with the Choreographer & Director in conveying and maintaining the creative intentions of the Artistic Staff. Wavestage Dance Captains will be responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Taking detailed choreography notes for full songs that they are performing in. This ensures that the Dance Captain is able to answer questions about choreography and be aware of when a performer is struggling with the choreography. 
  2. Being available in person and online for questions from cast members regarding choreography. 
  3. Providing choreography notes to cast members that follow the original vision of the choreographer. 
  4. Abiding by the Wavestage Code of Conduct and being a good representative of our company in and outside of rehearsals. 
  5. Respecting the individual differences and skill sets of each performer and adapting instruction methods to accommodate learning styles. A Wavestage Dance Captain should always be encouraging, friendly, and open, never condescending. 
  6. Arranging impromptu touch-ups or drills in between called rehearsals/performances. Ie. If you notice that some people are waiting for a rehearsal to start, take initiative and ask if they want to go over such and such tricky bars from a particular number.