ANYTHING GOES at Newmarket Theatre


The cast of Anything Goes have taken their final bow, but we couldn't resist sharing all of the fun moments from this production and some raves & reviews.

...hilariously funny and all the dance scenes were absolutely amazing!...
— Naomi B
This was the most lit show I have seen in a long time - community theatre or otherwise! Still can’t believe all the fire talent.
— James B
I was blown away by the performance tonight, everyone killed it on that stage (that choreo had me sweating just watching).
— Kyla W
We loved everything from the huge group numbers that filled the stage with energy, to the beautiful and intimate couple dances. You created such great contrast in the choreography throughout the show which kept it very interesting visually. We especially loved the partner choreo in “You’re the Top” - super fun! The costume choices also worked wonderfully and we loved that they changed so much to fit with the contrasting songs!
— Meredith W
“...the most buoyant cast of spring...
— Anne Langford

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