Five Ways to Ace Your Audition


With our 21st Season auditions in full swing, we wanted to provide a few tips on how you can impress our casting panel at your audition. A great audition is achieved with more than just having a great voice.

1. Do Your Research

You should know both the plot and music for the shows you are auditioning for. Have you watched video clips from the show? If you are trying out for a specific role and you aren't familiar with their major solo, it looks like you aren't serious about the audition. Does the character you are auditioning for have an accent? If you're singing that character's song, perform with the accent. A well prepared performer is easy to spot!

2. Arrive Early, and Without An Ego

Confidence is key, but a bad attitude or big ego shows that you may be hard to work with. Arriving early shows the panel that you're organized and will be a reliable asset in the company. Integrity, respect, and reliability are all desired elements of a functional performer.

3. Be Prepared to Take Direction

The panel may ask you to stop halfway through your number or to try it again doing something different. Don't get flustered and always give it your best effort, even if what they are asking is out of your typical comfort zone.

4. Read the Audition Requirements

We post our specific audition requirements and requests for each production on our blog. Take the time to read them and look for roles that are true to your voice type/age/experience level.

5. Sing out, Louise!

We want to see confidence, energy, and embodiment of character! Don’t forget to feel your song. Good acting is vital to good singing. Give 110% and convince our panel that you could be placed in that role.

Book your audition today for our 21st Season productions of Into the Woods, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Wizard of Oz, and Gypsy. Keep an eye out in the future for our "Musical Theatre Audition" workshop for more audition tips and critique.