Become a Wavestage PA

Wavestage's Production Assistant Internship program offers undergraduates, graduates and early career professionals the opportunity to learn valuable production skills and build their resume. The goal of the internship program is to provide you, the intern, with valuable insight into various career paths and equip you with marketable skills for future employment and programs. Our internship program provides hands on experience in arts administration and production. Each intern will be involved in the daily aspects of the production as well as work behind the scenes during the performances of one of our 20th Season productions.

Here's what a recent PA had to say about their experience:

"I wanted to write to thank you for giving me such a terrific opportunity this summer as a PA. INTERN. It really is all about the people you work with. And Wavestage Theatre Company has some of the most talented individuals out there. The creative team worked in an organized but open fashion, a combination that served the artistic needs on the show. My experience with them was nothing short of working with a professional company. The PA INTERN program is a perfect mix of observation and practical experience. I was able to see the process of a show from the rehearsals to performances. As I go out to create my own work in the theatre, what I have learned with Wavestage will be invaluable." - Ilana Khanin (Hair PA)

Other available internship specialties include: set design and production, marketing, and stage management.

PA Internships are unpaid and can be used toward university credit. To apply, please email us a cover letter explaining your hopes for the internship experience and additionally provide us with a resume and one reference letter.