Casting Call September 2015

We are currently seeking performers for the following 2015-16 roles. Please double check all role requirements before applying. If you qualify for any of these roles, please get in contact with our Artistic Director through our contact form!

We rehearse in Newmarket, Ontario and our productions of COMPANY, THE WIZARD OF OZ, and GYPSY will be performed at Newmarket Theatre. 

Rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz will begin September 2015. Gypsy rehearsals begin January 2016. For more information on rehearsal dates/times, please email our Artistic Director.

THE WIZARD/PROFESSOR MARVEL in The Wizard of Oz (Jan 2016)

Adult Male (Audition Age 25+). Non-singing Role. The fortune teller who Dorothy meets when she runs away, he encourages her to return home. He is also the Wizard who helps her to return to Kansas from Oz. Strong cameo acting role. An older man would be preferred here. He is very likeable but a bit of a rogue as well, a strong commanding presence is needed in both parts. Appears in Act One as Professor Marvel and Act Two as the Wizard of Oz. Non-dancing role.

GLINDA in The Wizard of Oz (Jan 2016)

Experienced mid voice singer with strong vocals age 19-35. Glinda is only "good witch" in Oz of any consequence. She knows the power of the Ruby Slippers but withholds this knowledge from Dorothy, in order to facilitate her psychological and emotional maturity. Glinda is a very pretty and over smiley fairy / good witch. She is exceptionally friendly and a mother or queen figure to the Munchkins. She speaks well and portrays a stance and presence of royalty.

SCARECROW in The Wizard of Oz (Jan 2016)

Adult Male, (Audition Age 17+). Strong Baritone up to F# with excellent musical timing.Major dancing part, needs to be very natural mover, agile and light on feet.

Rescued by Dorothy from his dull life in a farmer's field, the Scarecrow's greatest wish is to procure brains for himself from the Wizard of Oz. Despite his perceived lack of brains, however, the Scarecrow is exceedingly intelligent and resourceful this is important and must come across in characterization. He is also very lovable and friendly, he is funny. He is energetic and must be very flexible, body language and movement must depict a man without bones. He also plays Hunk in the first and last scene and for this we must see some hints of the character he is going to become in Oz.

COWARDLY LION / ZEKE in The Wizard of Oz (Jan 2016)

Adult Male, (Age 18-45). Excellent musical comic timing required. Vocal range: Strong baritone to F. The Lion encounters Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man in the forest. He claims to be a coward and wishes for the Wizard of Oz to give him courage. However, he proves himself courageous in many situations throughout the journey. The lion is the main comedy character in the show and as such must be a strong comedy performer with exceptional comedy timing, he must be very loveable. Characterisation and body language is very important to portray this larger than life character, an actor must be agile and able to move animal like. As with most characters model him off the original movie. He also plays Zeke the farm hand.

UNCLE HENRY / THE GUARD in The Wizard of Oz (Jan 2016)

Adult Male (Audition Age 25+). Dorothy’s Uncle. He is an honest hardworking man who owns a small farm. He is kind and also cares a great deal about Dorothy. Very likeable old man. He is soft and caring and knows the ways of the world. First scenes of the show up to Munchkinland and very last scene of show. In Munchkinland he plays the singing Guard for "Merry Ol Land of Oz".

TULSA in Gypsy (April 2016)

F3-G4, 2nd tenor or Baritone, Singing and dancing member of the "Farm Boys". Dreams of having his own act with his special girl. Approx. 20-35 years old  Strong acting, singing and major dancing required. Audition: Sing "All I Need is the Girl", dance experience required.

LA, OX, & ANGIE in Gypsy (April 2016)

Tenors. Singing and dancing members of the "Farm Boys". Ages 17-30. Strong acting, singing and dancing required.

JUNE in Gypsy (April 2016)

G3-F5, Mezzo-Soprano (belter). The older version of Baby June. 18-25 years old (must not look older then 25). Pretty, talented and frustrated with Mom's domination. Strong singing, acting and major dancing skills required. Must be flexible, the more ‘tricks’/acrobatics the better, if can go on pointe and tap dance a plus. 

TESSIE TURA in Gypsy (April 2016)

Bb3-Db5, Mezzo-Soprano, An experienced and wise Burlesque performer. Age 25-50. Specialty - Ballet stripper. Ballet/burlesque skills a plus. Must feel comfortable in ‘skimpy’ clothing.

MAZEPPA in Gypsy (April 2016)

Bb3-Db5, Alto, Age 25-50 An experienced and wise Burlesque performer. Specialty - Trumpet stripper. Trumpet/ burlesque skills a plus. Must feel comfortable in ‘skimpy’ clothing. Comedic actress.

ELECTRA in Gypsy (April 2016)

Age 30-50. G3-Db5, Mezzo-Soprano, An experienced and wise Burlesque performer. Specialty - Lightbulb stripper. Electrical experience not required. Burlesque skills a plus. Must feel comfortable in ‘skimpy’ clothing. Comedic actress.

NON-SINGING, ACTING ROLES in Gypsy (April 2016)

  • Uncle Jocko - Vaudeville master of ceremonies at a weekly kiddee talent show. Hates stage mothers. Male Age 45-65.
  • Georgie - ]ocko' s male assistant age 25-60.
  • Pop - Rose's father. He does not believe that she or the girls will ever amount to anything. age 50-70.
  • Rich Man - driver of a touring car. Age 25-50.
  • Weber - Theatre manager in Los Angeles. Does not want to hire the act. Age 25-50.
  • Kringelein - Hotel manager in Akron. Has seen all of the tricks show-biz people play.
  • Mr. Goldstone - Representative of the Orpheum Circuit. Books the act. age 35-50
  • Miss Cratchitt - Secretary at Grantziger's Palace. Has no patience for "small-time" acts or pushy mothers. Age 25-55 COMEDIC ROLE.
  • Cigar - Burlesque theatre manager in Wichita. One step ahead of the cops. Age 25-60.
  • Pastey - Burlesque Stage manager in Wichita. Has seen it all. age 40-60
  • Renee - Louise's maid Age 20-50
  • Phil - Louise's press agent. Big time. Age 25-50
  • Bourgeron-Cochon - Famous French Photographer age 20-30.