In Rehearsals for SHREK THE MUSICAL


We are exactly three weeks away from opening night of Shrek, The Musical at Newmarket Theatre! In a fairy tale that’s anything but ordinary, this Tony-winning musical takes us to a land far, far away where a grumpy ogre sets out to rescue a feisty princess with more than a few unlikely sidekicks. A chatty Donkey, a little prince with big problems, a fed-up Pinocchio and a confident cookie are just a few of the characters we’ll meet along the way. Unexpected and hilarious fun for everyone, SHREK reminds us that everybody is special and that’s what makes us strong.

Don't miss SHREK from November 17-20, 2016 at Newmarket Theatre. Featuring Manuele Mizzi as the ogre Shrek, A'mar Wharton-Matthew as Donkey, and Kathleen Kennedy as Princess Fiona. For full show details and cast info, click here.