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Hello, Dolly! Highlights and Awards

Our November production of Hello, Dolly was enjoyed by audiences at Newmarket Theatre! Fortunately, this production has been nominated for BroadwayWorld Toronto's "Best Community Theatre Production" Award. Our February 2013 production of Kiss Me, Kate has also been nominated. Please take five minutes out of your day to vote for one of these productions! Check out the photographs from Hello, Dolly below!

hello-dolly_0004 hello-dolly_0005 hello-dolly_0006hello-dolly_0008 hello-dolly_0009 hello-dolly_0010 hello-dolly_0011 hello-dolly_0012 hello-dolly_0013 hello-dolly_0014 hello-dolly_0015 hello-dolly_0016 hello-dolly_0017 hello-dolly_0018 hello-dolly_0019 hello-dolly_0020 hello-dolly_0021 hello-dolly_0022 hello-dolly_0023 hello-dolly_0024In other news, stay tuned for the release of our 20th Season lineup on November 22nd!


A peek inside rehearsals for Hello, Dolly!

At the mention of Hello, Dolly! many people first think of Barbra Streisand and Walter Matthau playing opposite one another in the 1969 film. However, it was the legendary Carol Channing in 1964 who originated the role of Dolly Levi on Broadway. Since that time, Hello, Dolly! has become a staple of the musical theatre genre and it's leading lady has inspired a multitude of fans with her kindness, can-do attitude, and ability to make her own luck. Hello, Dolly! is a celebration of life lived to the fullest, opening your arms to strangers, adventures and love! Come see this wonderful production from November 1-3, 2013 at Newmarket Theatre.

hello-dolly-rehearsal_0002 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0003 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0004 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0005 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0006 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0007 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0008 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0009 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0010 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0012 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0016 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0017 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0018 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0019 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0020 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0021 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0022 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0023 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0024 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0025 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0026 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0027 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0028 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0029 hello-dolly-rehearsal_0030

19th Season Mixtape

mixtape Enjoy a taste of some of the incredible musical productions coming your way this season at Wavestage. We can't wait to bring these productions to a theatre near you. In the meantime, enjoy this mixtape on 8tracks Radio!

Tickets for these productions available at www.wavestagetheatre.com