Volunteers Needed

STAGE MANAGER (One per production)
- Cannot be in the production that they are stage managing.
- This person will set up and run rehearsals and must be able to attend rehearsals
- This person will compile and organize the prompt book
- This person will call the show under my supervision
- This person can be an actor in the show.
- This person will co-ordintate the team of actors volunteering.
- The team will procur all props, set dressing and furniture for this production
ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER (One per production)
- This person cannot be in the show 
- This person will attend rehearsals and organize props and furniture for each scene
- This person will take attendance during show week
COSTUME CO-ORDINATOR (One per production)
- this person can be an actor or partner of actor or parent of actor. 
- Organizing the costume sort (sorting all costumes from costume boxes)
- Organizing the measurement days
- Organizing the fittings and rentals and making sure all costumes from rental are rented and returned
- Writing the mass communication to cast members with costume requirements
SET PRODUCTION CO-ORDINATOR (One person for all three shows)
- A person who will oversee the unified three show co-ordinating design
- One who oversees the building painting and construction of the sets
PAINTING CO-ORDINATOR (One person for all three shows)
- One who oversees all the painting of the sets
- A person who can photocopy, type, file sort in office 
TWO PARENT SAFETY MONITORS FOR THE SHOWBIZ ACADEMY (Must be parents of children in the Showbiz Academy or Stagedoor)
- These parents will sign in and sign out children at Monday 5:30 - 6:25 practise.
- Be hall monitor and make sure our kids are safely picked up at end of program.
TWO PARENT SAFETY MONITORS for STAGE DOOR 7:30- 8:25 (Must be parents of children in Showbiz Academy or Stagedoor)
- Making sure latecomers are let in and that all children are picked up
If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions, please contact keepsinging@rogers.com