Sam Robinson, Alumni

Wavestage has been my home for the past nine seasons. Through the youth program, I was able to work my way up to a confident triple threat performer for over 20 mainstage shows. I learned from the choreographers to become more in tune with my body I gained flexibility and movement I didn't know I was capable of. My voice training was incredible. I absolutely fell in love with singing. With Sarah Langford's guidance and support I am now studying music in university and I aspire to pursue a career in singing. The skills I learned through Wavestage Theatre were useful because I was able to learn how to be confident in myself. Before I started musical theatre, I was a shy, awkward and uncomfortable person. Wavestage taught me to believe in myself, and I learned how to love myself and my craft. Whether I had a leading role or a small part in the ensemble, I was always able to learn from other members of the creative process. At Wavestage, we are a family!