Meet the Cast of Beauty and the Beast: Chip


It's no easy feat being the youngest lead performers in any production, but our two shining stars, Lucas Geuzebroek and Ashley Romanovich, are loving being Chip in Beauty and the Beast! The production opens this Thursday and our Chip's are eager to take the stage. We asked Lucas and Ashley a few questions as they prepare for the exciting run. Here's what they had to say:

How old were you when you first started performing? 

Lucas: "I am 12 now and was 10 when I first started performing. The show was A Christmas Story in Oshawa.  I was Randy Parker."

Ashley: "I am 10 and I first started performing at 7 years old. My first show was The Wizard of Oz and I was a munchkin and an ozian."


What did you first think when you heard you were cast in the role of “Chip”? 

Lucas: "I thought "YAY, YAY!" because Chip is a famous role and a fun role."

Ashley: "I felt very excited when Sarah gave me the role of Chip."

You both are students of Wavestage’s Youth Performance Academy. How have those experiences prepared you for this role? 

Ashley: "I enjoy the youth performances because it gives me good practice so I can do well in the main stage shows."

Lucas: "It has made me more comfortable with big roles and usually the same people that are in the youth group are also in the adult shows so we get to see each other."

What’s the most fun part about playing Chip? 

Lucas: "I have to speak in a really high pitched voice."

Ashley: "The fun part about being Chip is that most of the time I am being pushed in a cart!!"


What’s it like being the youngest lead in a MainStage adult production? 

Ashley: "I think it is fun because I can learn from the adults and they’re funny."

Lucas: "It's fun because being a kid, people underestimate you and you get the chance to blow them away.  The adults are super supportive and fun to work with."

What’s your favourite moment in the show? 

Lucas: "Be Our Guest is so ridiculous and chaotic. It is so much fun!!"

Ashley: "My favourite moment in the show is when Mrs. Potts sings Beauty & the Beast while Belle and Beast are dancing."


What sparked your interest in musical theatre? 

Ashley: "The whole story was, I was looking for an activity and I did not want a sport so I tried dancing and it was just ok. But then my mom suggested musical theatre. I really liked it. I didn’t even know I could sing until Sarah told me. :)"

Lucas: "Musicals are super fun and I really like the people I get to work with and most importantly, I LOVE being on stage."

What are you most looking forward to as we approach opening night? 

Ashley: "I’m really looking forward to doing the show for the first time and seeing everyone in costume."

Lucas: "The costumes because it's not very often that you work with cutlery and plates and candlesticks."

Don't miss Ashley and Lucas in Beauty and the Beast from April 19-22 at Newmarket Theatre! Tickets are available here or by calling the box office at 905.953.5122.