Meet the Dogs of Legally Blonde!

What's a production of Legally Blonde the Musical without the beloved canine companions, Bruiser Woods and Rufus? This past weekend we hosted our first ever open Doggie Auditions, and every dog/handler team brought their a-game! We are happy to announce the four dogs that will take the stage this summer at Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. Read their interviews below!


See Sushi as Bruiser Friday July 11 (7:30pm) and Saturday July 12 (2pm). Name: Sushi. Age: 6 Breed: Yorkie Owner: Nasim (more like her personal assistant) Favourite thing: being the centre of attention Most likely to: bask in the sun with her "angry bird" toy. Tricks: the usual sit, stay, down, shake a paw, etc. but her most impressive trick is singing opera. Will be your best friend if: you baby talk to her and tell her how beautiful she is :). Offering a piece of chicken would be a bonus.



See Benny as Rufus Thursday July 10 (7:30pm), Saturday July 12 (7:30pm), and Sunday July 13 (2pm). Name: Benny Age: 3 and a half Breed: Boston Terrier Owners: James & Tara (Kearyn is the pooch chauffeur) Favourite thing: Digging under the living room table, walking with the other local dogs, playing with my toys. Most likely to: be found making Kearyn's little sister, Natalie, laugh or running laps around the backyard. Tricks: Sit, stay, high-fives... I'll roll over if I like you--or you're holding a treat! Will be your best friend if: You're the one holding the cookie!




AS RUFUS: Bailey

See Bailey as Rufus Friday July 11 (7:30pm) and Saturday July 12 (2pm). Name: Bailey Age: 6 Breed: Shih Tzu Owners: Peter and Judy Szigeti Favourite thing: Toys that squeak Most likely to: respond to affection Tricks: Dancing in a circle (motivated by a treat) and staying in one position until called Will be your best friend if: you rub her tummy



For tickets to Legally Blonde the Musical, please visit or call the box office at 905.787.8811.