20th Season

Peter Pan at Newmarket Theatre

Peter Pan at Newmarket Theatre

Join Peter, Wendy, Michael, and John on their journey to Neverland! This high-flying, timeless musical will whisk you away to a place where dreams are born and no one ever grows up! This production can be seen live at Newmarket Theatre April April 23-26. Tickets are available online at www.newtix.ca or at the door before the show. Two unique casts and only four shows remaining! Don't miss this magical show.

In Rehearsal for Peter Pan

In Rehearsal for Peter Pan

In just one Peter Pan rehearsal you can find Pirates, Lost Boys, Indians, Fairies, and the magic of a boy who never grew up! Our production of this classic musical comes to Newmarket Theatre from April 23-26, 2015 - don't miss your chance to see all the high-flying action yourself! Tickets are available at www.newtix.ca or by calling the box office at 905-953-5122. Tickets will also be available at the Newmarket Theatre box office prior to the performances.

Follies Raves & Reviews

Follies Raves & Reviews

Our run of Follies has come to a close, but audiences are raving about this production! Here's a look at some of the comments that came in this past week:

"The Wavestage Follies production was mesmerizing! Outstanding performances, interesting choreography, evenly flowing production and passionately performed by a strong cast. Special mention to James Woods for richly grasping the text and to Sarah Langford for allowing the audience to see and experience a broken Sally. Beautiful voice; passionate singing. The Pastiche number of One More Kiss brought tears to my eyes. Magical. Congrats to the entire team." - Fred Barrows, Montreal stage director

Follies at Newmarket Theatre

Follies at Newmarket Theatre

Follies is the musical theatre event you do not want to miss! Set a few decades after the demise of the Weissman Follies, a glitzy revue staged between the wars, the show focuses on a group of once-glamorous Weissman girls who gather in their now condemned theatre for one last time before it is demolished. As the women relive their glory days on stage, old rivalries and resentments surface and their ‘follies’, both past and present, are revealed. This production will be at Newmarket Theatre from January 30 - February 1. Tickets are available online at www.newtix.ca, 905.953.5122, or in person at the box office before the performance.

Aristocats Kids at Newmarket Theatre


Aristocats KIDS was performed on Monday January 26th at Newmarket Theatre. Wavestage offers three unique youth programs during the school year, giving children and teens the opportunity to develop their skills and perform in either youth productions and/or full scale adult productions. For more high resolution images from Aristocats Kids, please visit this gallery (simply click on an image and then click the download button to save to computer). To learn more about our triple-threat training programs, please click here.

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Peter Pan Table Read


This past Sunday the cast of Peter Pan gathered for the first time to perform a table read! Featuring the iconic songs “I’m Flying,” “I’ve Gotta Crow,” “I Won’t Grow Up,” and “Never Never Land,” and a rousing book full of magic, warmth, and adventure, PETER PAN is the perfect show for the child in all of us who dreamed of soaring high and never growing up. Tickets are available now for this magical production at www.newtix.ca or 905.953.5122.


In Rehearsal for FOLLIES


We are just weeks away from our 21st Season production of Follies. Not only is this Sondheim classic a heartbreakingly beautiful show, but we are also especially excited as it will be our 100th production! Tickets are available for Follies at www.newtix.ca or 905-953-5122. Join us to celebrate 100 Wavestage productions.

Meet the Cast of Guys & Dolls: Sky Masterson

Our upcoming production of Guys and Dolls is quickly approaching, and our two Sky Masterson’s are excitedly awaiting opening night! These two men have, for the past few months, put their heart and souls into developing their portrayal of the confident, charming gambler! Here’s what they have to say about their experience:

How would you describe Sky Masterson? Matt: “Sky is a confident and independent person who came from very little and has become the best at what he does. The very definition of the self-made man. But for all his swagger, he knows there is something missing. And when it (in the form of Sarah Brown) finally finds him, he finds himself in the unexpected and unusual position of not knowing what to do for probably the first time in his life.”

What is the most difficult part about becoming Sky? Matt: “Matching the bravado that defines him without it appearing hollow or phoney. Sky's confidence is not a facade to cover up insecurity. It's the essence of who he is.” Adam: “When I first started playing Sky I was trying too hard to be cool and suave and controlling. The definition of being suave is to be confident, and to not try hard: Sky may ask Sarah to dinner, but you know that it doesn't matter if she says no - it's all the same to him (or at least he'll have you believe!). The banter with Sarah is also as much about what's not said as it is about the lines. It was difficult, but incredibly rewarding to work with Justine on how to work in that flirtation with those seemingly-innocuous lines, followed by a knowing wink.”

What is the most interesting part about portraying this particular role? Adam: “How truly complex he really is. Sky is not a bad person, but he's no saint either: he's a man of God who can quote scripture, but only because he believes God works on his terms; he's a legend with the NYC gambling crowd, but he was in fact raised from nothing; he coerces Sarah to Havana on a bet, but he nearly ruins his reputation with the gamblers to save her mission from closing. On a more personal note, the scene/song of "My Time of Day" is a favourite moment of mine where we get to see Sky pull back the curtain a bit and explain to Sarah just a little bit of how his world works... and what his real name is (but you'll have to see the show to find that out!).”

How does Sky grow as a person throughout the show? Matt: “Sky learns that he can still be himself but also make room for something more. Sacrificing something, even a big part of your life, is not necessarily the same thing as compromising your true self. And corny as it sounds, love conquers all.”

What is your favourite part of the show? Matt: “I love all the great comic bits of the show- the hilarious scenes with the gamblers, the relationship of Nathan and Adelaide, etc...but I have to admit that selfishly, my favourite part of the show has to be Luck Be a Lady. The chance to sing one of the iconic tunes of the musical theatre repertoire has to be any actor's dream come true.” Adam: “I think it's a tie between "Guys and Dolls" and "If I Were a Bell". "Guys and Dolls" is such a juicy sardonic number: from the very get-go we have this rapid-fire patter of Nicely Nicely Johnson and Benny Southstreet as they almost try to outdo each other with anecdotes about how women have changed the world for "smart businessmen" like themselves. We find it funny because these characters aren't the sharpest tools in the shed and I love how Loesser uses that character trait to turn the meaning of their words against them. As for "If I Were a Bell", this song is genius because you get a huge amount of Sky's character developed by him not singing and being a listener - we finally get to see a moment here where Sky doesn't have a witty retort planned, and by the end he's speechless about what he realizes is happening between him and Sarah. Also, it's probably my favourite melody in the play, so I'm sure that helps.”

What makes this production unique? Matt: “Of course, every production is unique in at least small ways. But in this case, having 2 casts with different actors playing 3 of the 4 leads makes for a fascinating dynamic. Watching Adam's version of Sky has taught me a lot about the character, but saying that, I know it's a Sky that I'm not capable of portraying. We are different people, and our interpretation of the same words is therefore very different. The Sarah's and Adelaide's have a similar process, so we've ended up with what are really 2 completely different versions of this great show. So really, the savvy audience member has only choice- come see the show twice! (at least).” Adam: “Sadly, Guys and Dolls has an entirely undeserved reputation - even in theatre circles - as being trivial, the characters one dimensional, and the songs inserted for hum-value only. Of course, none of these things are true, but I think that it's enduring mega-hit popularity has given rise to a lot of bad productions in the last 60 years that have missed the subtleties of Swerling and Burrows' book, as well as the natural way which Loesser's songs roll off the tongue and this has left audiences with this idea that Guys and Dolls is a fluff musical comedy. Wavestage is different because we didn't start at a place trying to copy the glamourized version of the New York gansters and showgirls, but we began with simple people and how different worlds and classes collided, and then dressed them in the robes of Runyonland. Wavestages' Sky Masterson, Miss Adelaide, or Nicely Nicely Johnson could be just as recognizable in 2014 New York as they are in the 1940's, there's none of this hokey gangsterism that I think a lot of people assume when they see the words "Guys and Dolls". It's just people.”


Don’t miss seeing these gentlemen on stage from November 6-9, 2014 at Newmarket Theatre. Tickets are available online at www.newtix.ca or by calling the box office at 905-953-5122. Tickets are also available for purchase in person at the box office before the show.

Meet the Cast of Guys & Dolls: Nathan Detroit

Wavestage veteran Joe Adams will be hitting the stage as Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls this weekend at the Newmarket Theatre! We had a chance to talk to Joe about his thoughts on the exciting upcoming production! Read on to learn more:


What was the most difficult part of preparing for this role? Joe: "I've been working on posturing and trying to perfect the look of Nathan Detroit and that has allowed the rest of the character to develop. Trying to match the dialogue and songs and make it all seem natural has been the goal.  Learning the dialogue and songs can sometimes seem like an uphill battle when you get to see how many of them there are, but once I really get to understand the script and discover the natural flow of the scene, everything just falls into place, and you understand why things are written the way they are.  Sometimes the hardest part is making what you have practiced on your own time work when all the other actors are present. All the different energies can create a very exciting vibe, which can take a bit of extra effort to concentrate.  However, once everything does fall into place, it seems magical.”


What is your favourite musical number? Joe: “I would have to say my favourite number is "Luck Be A Lady."  I love how the lyrics are very indicative of the time Guys and Dolls is set in and parallels drawn in the song. Also, musically, the song is incredible with a big build-up to a powerful finish, and in my own biased opinion, I am a big fan of the men I get to sing the song with and our own power that we bring to the song.”


Do you relate to Nathan at all? If so, how? Joe: “I feel in some ways I do relate to Nathan Detroit, like trying to keep my illegal gambling activities two steps ahead of the police and looking so darned good in a double-breasted suit...  But in all seriousness, I do feel that Nathan is a very thoughtful person who will not make a rash decision without first weighing the pros and cons, which is something that I am known to be like as well.”

What previous theatre experiences led you to this production? I first got involved in theatre at 16 and was happy to be in the ensemble of shows like Kismet and Man of La Mancha.  I got my first starring role in Li'l Abner where I played Abner, which was an almost intoxicating experience and made me crave even more roles.  Since then I have tackled shows like The Fantasticks (El Galla), Into the Woods (the Baker), You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Charlie Brown), You'll Get Used to It - The War Show (Dusty), Parade (Leo Frank) and Annie (Daddy Warbucks).

Tickets for the show are still available at www.newtix.ca or at the box office (905-953-5122).