Thoughts for a New Year

Every year new young actors hatch out of the womb and fly into the world of theatre. This terrifies many a seasoned actor out there. They live in fear of the new breed of actor bursting onto the scene with renewed energy and vigor – devouring the roles that would otherwise have been handed to the more mature players. To these worried actors I say – remain calm and act on. You have a talent and genuine experience on the stage that the younger breed do not have. Yes, the youthful actor has age on their side, they have perfect bodies and great hair, and some of them may even be able to walk, talk, dance and act at the same time. But this is nothing to worry about. Indeed, some of them may even be quadruple threats – but you must remember that they are new and have lots to learn. You are the ones who have had all the real life theatre experience – so do not be disheartened.
For the young actors if you are lucky, you might get into the chorus and be backstage moving some props around. One day you may even be elevated to an secondary lead with more responsibilities – and finally some day you will get up in a leading role indeed, before you know it you will be thrust into the limelight and your big chance will arrive. And when this moment happens you have to remain calm, speak clearly, face the right way, remember your choreo, blocking, and lines, and then you will turn to the seasoned veteran and ask for tips.
Whether you are old or young Wavestage welcomes you. 2013 is the year you take control. It is the year when you stop moaning about what actor you want to become and simply become it.
Over the years I have heard many actors complaining that they don’t feel prepared for auditions. Use this new year to take control and be prepared. If you feel unprepared, learn a new song - or at least start singing one that you know already know in a different way.
Every little step you make in progressing your skills will make you feel more positive.
That’s what we all need. A positive outlook. And if you are feeling down? Do a ball-change, or simply display your jazz hands for the world to see. It is amazing what a spontaneous jazz-hand can do to your mood. And indeed not only your mood but the mood of everyone else around you. And a ball change? A ball change is accepted anywhere. Do it in your gym, your local Starbucks, Metro or Longos line up, anywhere.
To those coming out to Wavestage auditions  - celebrate, live, and be merry – whether you are actors, crew, wardrobe, dressers, lighting designers, set builders, whoever you are – you are a part of Wavestage.
Embrace it. Love it. Enjoy it. Be proud.
Because after all, you’re in it because you want to make a magical moment, make a difference, share a story, and express a heightened emotion live.
I remind you that by coming out to perform and by coming out as an audience member you are helping keep theatre alive. 2013 is the year to support theatre, make a difference, find a positive outlook and get up and act.
Happy New Year.
Sarah Kyle
Artistic Director
Wavestage Theatre Company