Wavestage wins "Best Community Theatre" and "Best Community Theatre Production" in 2018 BroadwayWorld Regional Awards!

Wavestage wins "Best Community Theatre" and "Best Community Theatre Production" in 2018 BroadwayWorld Regional Awards!

Wavestage is thrilled to be announced as the winner of the BroadwayWorld.com Regional Toronto Award for “Best Community Theatre” and “Best Community Theatre Production” for The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Thoughts on the Passing of Robin Williams

Wavestage Theatre Company joins the world in mourning the loss of Robin Williams, the man who changed all our lives in so many wonderful characters and monologues. How we all smiled, laughed and cried when he delivered timeless performances time and time again, defining a generation and changing the entertainment industry for the better.

"Go on, lean in. Listen, you hear it? - - Carpe - - hear it? - - Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary." - Dead Poets Society

His movies engaged us and allowed us to emote. He encouraged a reflection of what it means to be human, and conquered the difficult task of balancing comedy and drama. He inspired many people to change their direction and choices. As actors, he taught us that every word matters and that words indeed do make a difference. It is, sadly, often the ones who are gifted in bringing light and love for others who suffer in silence themselves.

"Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself." - Good Will Hunting

In the casting of our production of Peter Pan, I've met a few actors who don't want to be a Pirate because, they are after all, "serious actors". Perhaps to a seasoned Shakespeare trained thespian, the thought of being a pirate seems silly and insignificant. But it's in these type of roles that Robin Williams showed us that every single acting character has the chance to change lives and bring hope.

gal-pirates-8-jpgTo me, Robin will always be the real Peter Pan. He presented this iconic role with an indescribable truth.

"You know what music is? God's little reminder that there's something else besides us in this universe, a harmonic connection between all living beings, every where, even the stars." - August Rush

I hope today, in his honour, you will all go forth and sound out a "barbaric yawp".

Robin made the world laugh and think, often simultaneously. What a gift. We are deeply saddened by this loss and our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones.

"Peter Pan: Jack, Maggie, all you have to do is think one happy thought, and you'll fly like me. Maggie: Mommy. Jack: My dad, Peter Pan." - Hook

- Sarah LangfordArtistic Director

Thoughts for a New Year

Every year new young actors hatch out of the womb and fly into the world of theatre. This terrifies many a seasoned actor out there. They live in fear of the new breed of actor bursting onto the scene with renewed energy and vigor – devouring the roles that would otherwise have been handed to the more mature players. To these worried actors I say – remain calm and act on. You have a talent and genuine experience on the stage that the younger breed do not have. Yes, the youthful actor has age on their side, they have perfect bodies and great hair, and some of them may even be able to walk, talk, dance and act at the same time. But this is nothing to worry about. Indeed, some of them may even be quadruple threats – but you must remember that they are new and have lots to learn. You are the ones who have had all the real life theatre experience – so do not be disheartened.
For the young actors if you are lucky, you might get into the chorus and be backstage moving some props around. One day you may even be elevated to an secondary lead with more responsibilities – and finally some day you will get up in a leading role indeed, before you know it you will be thrust into the limelight and your big chance will arrive. And when this moment happens you have to remain calm, speak clearly, face the right way, remember your choreo, blocking, and lines, and then you will turn to the seasoned veteran and ask for tips.
Whether you are old or young Wavestage welcomes you. 2013 is the year you take control. It is the year when you stop moaning about what actor you want to become and simply become it.
Over the years I have heard many actors complaining that they don’t feel prepared for auditions. Use this new year to take control and be prepared. If you feel unprepared, learn a new song - or at least start singing one that you know already know in a different way.
Every little step you make in progressing your skills will make you feel more positive.
That’s what we all need. A positive outlook. And if you are feeling down? Do a ball-change, or simply display your jazz hands for the world to see. It is amazing what a spontaneous jazz-hand can do to your mood. And indeed not only your mood but the mood of everyone else around you. And a ball change? A ball change is accepted anywhere. Do it in your gym, your local Starbucks, Metro or Longos line up, anywhere.
To those coming out to Wavestage auditions  - celebrate, live, and be merry – whether you are actors, crew, wardrobe, dressers, lighting designers, set builders, whoever you are – you are a part of Wavestage.
Embrace it. Love it. Enjoy it. Be proud.
Because after all, you’re in it because you want to make a magical moment, make a difference, share a story, and express a heightened emotion live.
I remind you that by coming out to perform and by coming out as an audience member you are helping keep theatre alive. 2013 is the year to support theatre, make a difference, find a positive outlook and get up and act.
Happy New Year.
Sarah Kyle
Artistic Director
Wavestage Theatre Company

A New Era

I suppose like any other person who has spent 18 years doing the same job, there comes a time when you realize you need a little change. I came to this place a few years ago when I knew I wanted something different as a Director and Producer. I realized I was seeking a way to help my actors reach higher levels of performance skills and an opportunity to reach these levels, thereby enabling my company to continue to set a high standard of excellence and continue to  progress. 
As I sat on the edge of the ocean watching my two daughters play in the waves, I realized that theatre is very much like a wave, something that transfers energy from one point to another. In the same way, a theatrical experience transfers energy to its audiences. In fact live theatre is an excitement of energy moving progressively. I thought of over 2000 singers who have stood on our stages in these past 19 years and reminisced how many of these people had gone on to sing elsewhere, be on a board of directors of a theatre company, taught singing, or directed their own shows and how many lives one performance could move. When I added in the equation of the number of audience members that saw these performances I began to think of how that compares to the large waves in an ocean starting from one tiny drop of water.
I decided to change my company and begin all kinds of new approaches. As of today we are now called Wavestage Theatre Company.
With the changing of our name we are not only rebranding our company, we are launching into a new era. We will continue to have a smorgasbord of terrific musicals for people who love to sing and dance. We plan to make a difference to our actors lives by providing stepping stone opportunities for our performers thereby enabling our actors to have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to their community.
Here at Wavestage, actors are given instruction, guidance and opportunities to explore new stage techniques, find confidence, and let their souls shine.
Musicals are written for groups of people to come together, hear stories and legends, and react to the human experience. At Wavestage, we choose musicals that tell the distinct stories that make connections to our individual lives. Our audiences will continue to delight in high quality affordable entertainment. We believe that live theatre is an important part of daily life. It is through our music and drama we share the stories of the past, challenge our assumptions, expand our understanding and express our hopes for the future. 
Being involved on stage or in the audience allows people to learn from each other. People  who may not have one single shared experience can be drawn together have their souls moved when their hearts are warmed by the same song. Wavestage believes in the necessity for continued live theatre in an era of electronics and gadgets we passionately encourage folks to bring their families out to experience the magic and power of Wavestage.
For our actors, there will be many new changes including new programs and workshops. It is our hope to encourage our performers to understand that by working and preparing for top quality performances and by working hard and believing in themselves they can achieve some magical moments in their lives. Be sure to read about our new programs for youth and education workshops for adults.
Casting in all main stage productions is by audition only. The auditions for the 19th season begin in January 2013. Be sure to sign up for an audition time early in the New Year.
Join us. Ride the wave.
Sarah Kyle Artistic Director  Wavestage Theatre Company