Meet the Cast of Legally Blonde: Warner

Markham’s Carlo Bianchini is looking forward to taking to the stage as Warner Huntington III in our July production of Legally Blonde. He has put some “serious” preparation into this show and we had a chance to ask him about his experience playing the man who inspired Elle's journey to Harvard! What’s it like to play the “jerk boyfriend” of the show? "Warner is a rewarding character to play as I have never had the opportunity to play the "jerk" before. I have to say it was a bit of a struggle because I don't like to think like a jerk that often. But with his well dressed appearance and "I’m fabulous" attitude I found that it almost became too much fun during rehearsals. Warner and I are complete opposites, but he's very comedic."

What's your favourite number in Legally Blonde? "My absolute favourite song in the show is "There, Right There". I have to try and not crack up every time I sing it. The choreography is challenging but the number is altogether really fun!"


How does Warner evolve as a character through out the show? "Warner is looking for someone more serious to guide him through his journey to become a lawyer. When he realizes what he had all along, he regrets his decision of leaving Elle. Although it is too late by the end of the show to become the lawyer Warner set out to be, I like to think that he had a successful modelling career that perhaps led him to make better choices later on in life".


What is special about this production of Legally Blonde? "This entire show is just filled with incredible singing, dancing and excitement for the audience. Wavestage has turned Legally Blonde into a show that everyone can love."

See Carlo on stage at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts from July 10-13. Get tickets to Legally Blonde here or by calling 905-787-8811.