Meet the Cast of Legally Blonde: Callahan

Toronto’s Gord Peters is delighted to portray the tough-as-nails Harvard Professor, Callahan, in the our 20th Season production of Legally Blonde! Read on for this inside look at the man behind this particularly challenging character: What has been the most challenging part of the rehearsal process so far? "Definitely just becoming familiar and comfortable with the music. While I was familiar with the film, I’d only ever seen the musical once and really didn’t know the songs at all! So just keeping up with the rest of the cast who were so into the soundtrack was definitely a challenge. The music is really fun. It’s quirky and clever, and Callahan has some great moments, so the challenge has definitely been worth it!"

What have you learned from this experience? "This experience has just re-affirmed for me how essential it is to make the time to do what you love. I have a pretty hectic day job and every time I do one of these shows it’s always a stretch – both emotionally and physically – to fulfill my professional responsibilities, as well as my responsibilities to the production and myself. Yet somehow, it always comes together, and while there may be the occasional stressful moment, once the curtain goes up and the lights hit the stage, everything else melts away and it’s always all worth it."

What previous experiences have you had in musical theatre? "I’ve been very fortunate to have had a chance to play many great and varied roles over the past number of years. My all-time favourite experience was playing Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof just this past year. Max Bialistock from The Producers was also great fun, as was Frank-N-Furter in Rocky Horror. I’ve been in over 25 productions over the past 15 years, but those three would have to be the ones of which I am most proud."


What is it like to portray such a pretentious, bloodthirsty character? "How could you not love playing this guy? It’s actually one of the things I love so much about acting – getting the chance to become someone completely different from yourself and immersing yourself in that character so completely – it’s awesome! Callahan doesn’t back down from anything. He oozes self-confidence, even when he is being out-maneuvered and he knows it. I think we all could stand to learn a little of that for ourselves. Of course, I do need to make sure I turn him off when I leave rehearsal – otherwise no one would talk to me!"

What is the best part about being a part of this particular cast of Legally Blonde? "Every time I do another show, I always take something away from the process, and it’s always the same thing. It’s the people we perform with and the relationships we make during the rehearsal and production time that stay and grow long after the show has closed that are the best take-away for me. I am sure that this production with Wavestage will be no different. I can honestly say that each and every one of my closest friends today are people that I first met when we were doing a play together."

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