Meet Your Sorority Sisters: The Girls of Delta Nu

OMIGOD YOU GUYS! The sassy sorority sisters of Delta Nu have been in intense preparations for our July production of Legally Blonde. The talented ladies that will join Elle in her journey of self-discovery include Kyla Whetham, Bianca Bouchard, Jamie Schouten, Catherine Zanon, Rachel Anderson, Emily Powell, Sam Robinson, and Mary Askwith. As the fearless leaders of the sorority, Lauren Wolanski, Naomi Melvin and Holly Bryant will take on the roles of Margot, Serena, and Pilar! Here's what they had to say about their experience developing these comedic characters in Legally Blonde. 23-year-old Naomi Melvin will be seen as the always fierce and dynamic Serena! Naomi is thrilled that she gets to embrace Serena’s sassy cheerleader persona while, at the same time, hone in on the many honest moments during Elle’s journey. Serena takes charge in times of need (for example, Positive and Bend and Snap) and says exactly what is on her mind. As we [come] closer to the show, I am finding it so exciting to tap more and more into her personality,” says Melvin, who is in her first production with Wavestage.


18-year-old University of Toronto Mississauga student, Lauren Wolanski, could not be more excited to take to the stage as the larger than life - and let’s be honest, quite ditsy - Margot! “The best part about playing this role is that I have the liberty to go above and beyond in everything that I do. Margot is a high-energy character, so I have enjoyed fueling my performance on big smiles and sassy skipping!” says Wolanski, who is in her first production with Wavestage. Lauren has enjoyed her time preparing with her fellow sorority sisters! “I’ve always wanted to be a part of a sorority because of the community, trust and friendship it fosters. Being a Delta Nu has not only given me the opportunity to be member of a sorority on stage, but experience the benefits of it all off stage.”.


Lastly, Barrie's Holly Bryant is thrilled to be playing the feisty character of Pilar! At the age of 16, Holly is in her fourth season with Wavestage after years spent in our triple threat training programs, and is no stranger to the stage! “It is really fun to crump and sing ridiculous lyrics that you don't usually get to do in a lot of classic musicals. Pilar is the most aggressive out of the Delta Nu's which I'm not like at all so it's fun to completely transform myself into a new character” says Bryant.


All of the Delta Nu’s have had some serious bonding time while working hard on some of the most fun and upbeat numbers of the show. “We all bring a mutual understanding of the situations and roadblocks this story puts forward. At the same time, each one of us is unique and is bringing new life to our roles. I can say with confidence that we are injecting so much fun into this show and are having so much fun all along the way,” asserts Melvin. Bryant agrees, stating that “being a Delta Nu in this show is like being in a big family. It’s basically "Girl Power!" all the time! It's very high energy with a whole lot of laughing. Never a dull moment with this group of girls!” 







Come see these bubbly ladies on the RHCPA stage from July 10-13! Get your tickets online today or by calling the box office at 905-787-8811.