Follies Raves & Reviews

Our run of Follies has come to a close, but audiences are raving about this production! Here's a look at some of the comments that came in this past week:

"The Wavestage Follies production was mesmerizing! Outstanding performances, interesting choreography, evenly flowing production and passionately performed by a strong cast. Special mention to James Woods for richly grasping the text and to Sarah Langford for allowing the audience to see and experience a broken Sally. Beautiful voice; passionate singing. The Pastiche number of One More Kiss brought tears to my eyes. Magical. Congrats to the entire team." - Fred Barrows, Montreal stage director 

"Although it has been a few years since I last performed in a Wavestage production, watching anything by this talented cast is just incredible; and the Follies show yesterday definitely didn't disappoint! It's always such a pleasure to see some familiar faces work their magic and watch all the new members shine! Oh, and Sarah Langford. Wow. Even though it's a rare occasion to see her perform, her portrayal is always so captivating. So glad I went to see Follies, and now I just can't wait till Peter Pan!" - Olivia Borel, Youth Program alumni

"First of all, I'd like to let you know how impressed I was with the caliber of the show - the vocals were amazing, costuming imaginative and commend your daughter on the choreography.  It's a rare talent to make amateurs look at their best in dancing - they did really well. And I loved the "Blues" number - imaginative. I especially was blown away with YOUR vocals - you did your songs SO well!" - Gail Henderson, theatre director and producer

"Kudos, pulling that one off. Loved it! Astute, sensitive, absorbing and fun." - Michael Barker, Wavestage Alumni

"I attended Follies on Saturday night and have been left speechless by the outstanding production. I simply enjoyed all the lovely men  and their polished performances. The Phyllis was sharp and delivered a strong 'Could I Leave You'. The Hattie had just the right amount of sarcasm. Carlotta was a ball of fire and Roscoe had a lovely warm start to it all. The outstanding performances of the night came from the mother daughter, co- director duo, for understanding the complex story between the lines of a complicated Sondheim text. The daughter; choreographer, media and programs and a voice of an angel, and a mother who single handedly made everyone in the audience stop for a moment in time and feel. What a voice! What an actress!  It's a really special talent you ladies have and I'm so very blessed to have been in the audience. Thank you. It was a lovely party." - Esther Vreiment, retired stage director 

"Loved the Follies show. The young male dancers were energetic and I enjoyed the Lucy and Jesse number. Sally and Ben broke my heart because it reminded me of the road I didn't take. Beautiful voices these two have. Congratulations to all." - S. Secord

"I did not expect to like Follies. I've always heard Sondheim is dark but I came to see what it was all about. I'm so glad I came! This was a terrific production, flawlessly executed, with choreography that was exciting and a whole cast of talented performers. The four leads were outstanding. The younger versions of these leads were also engaging and delightful. Congratulations to all." - Emma Pritchard 
"Thank you so much for the amazing show and the great performances tonight. My friend and I truly enjoyed the show. And my god, you have such an amazing voice. See you in future shows. Ps: little Sushi sends her love." - Nasim Mansour, pet parent to our Bruiser Woods (Legally Blonde 2014) 

"Hi Sarah, although I didn't get a chance to see you at the end of the show (I came to the Saturday afternoon show with my daughter) I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it and always melt every time I hear you sing. Congratulations on a spectacular performance." - Julie Michelangelo

"I loved Follies. Carlotta is still here! What an energetic woman and Solange was perfect. I knew so many women like that! A special thanks to you Sarah Langford for being the voice for so many woman who have been mistreated and cheated upon. Your heart was on your sleeve for all of us. Thank you." - Barb Best

"Splendid evening at Wavestage Follies! A talented bunch of performers. This was well directed. Everyone was in the moment and it felt real. Ben and Sally's breakdowns were brilliant, simply over the top and passionate. Thank you for a fine evening of entertainment." - Tony Puttins 
We'd love to hear your thoughts on our production if you were in the audience! Feel free to leave a comment below!