Wavestage wins "Best Community Theatre" and "Best Community Theatre Production" in 2018 BroadwayWorld Regional Awards!

Wavestage wins "Best Community Theatre" and "Best Community Theatre Production" in 2018 BroadwayWorld Regional Awards!

Wavestage is thrilled to be announced as the winner of the BroadwayWorld.com Regional Toronto Award for “Best Community Theatre” and “Best Community Theatre Production” for The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Follies Raves & Reviews

Follies Raves & Reviews

Our run of Follies has come to a close, but audiences are raving about this production! Here's a look at some of the comments that came in this past week:

"The Wavestage Follies production was mesmerizing! Outstanding performances, interesting choreography, evenly flowing production and passionately performed by a strong cast. Special mention to James Woods for richly grasping the text and to Sarah Langford for allowing the audience to see and experience a broken Sally. Beautiful voice; passionate singing. The Pastiche number of One More Kiss brought tears to my eyes. Magical. Congrats to the entire team." - Fred Barrows, Montreal stage director

Rave reviews of HAIR!

Our July 25-28 production of HAIR at Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts was a hit with our audiences! Four nights of standing ovations, crows cheering, and - of course - groovy dancing. What an incredible run! BroadwayWorld Toronto also took a liking to this production. Read their review here.

hair musical review photo

Missed this production? Our 19th Season has three more incredible productions: Hello, Dolly (November 2013), Fiddler on the Roof (February 2014), and A Little Princess (May 2014)!

In the meantime, here are some rave reviews from our audience members of HAIR!

[testimonial authorposition="Elaine Ross" ]Great production of HAIR. A really talented bunch of young people.[/testimonial]

[testimonial authorposition="Erin Cartwright" ]What a fantastic show! Blown away! Wow! Loved every minute of it! Bravo!![/testimonial]

[testimonial authorposition="Brittany Rodrigues, BroadwayWorld.com" ]The young, fresh faced cast put an incredible spin on the iconic characters of HAIR, and director Sarah Kyle clearly understood the essence of the much beloved show. Every move was in unison, lighting was appropriately "far out," and everything was done on cue. There was no dull moment in the Wavestage production of HAIR.[/testimonial]

Did you come to see HAIR? Let us know what you thought of our production in the comments below.

What Audience Members Thought About Sweeney Todd!

We always love hearing feedback from people that have attending our shows! If you saw Sweeney Todd, make sure to leave a comment on this post, on our Facebook page, or Twitter (@APerformingArts) to let us know what you thought! Here's what some of our audience members thought about our production of Sweeney Todd:

"My daughter and I saw the show yesterday afternoon and enjoyed it immensely. Congratulations! I laughed and got scared at the same time. Sweeney was quirky and scary and very intense. Toby made me hug my daughter. What an incredible singer and actress. Mrs Lovett needs to be locked up but in all seriousness what a strong performance. Anthony and Johanna make the most amazing team of performers, with very strong operatic voices. I wish there was more singing for the Judge he had a beautiful voice too. What a talented roster of performers Aurora Performing Arts has. A clever set and staging as well. Thank you for bringing such quality to this region." - B
"Just wanted to congratulate you and the cast on an Amazing show! The sets, costume, music...all of it, amazing!!! I love it! So much talent!" - E. S. 
"Seriously AMAZING performances in Sweeney Todd. Bravo! Loved every single second of it. Everyone was so in tune with each other that it just flowed fantastically. Also loved the set, the 'chop and drop' chair... was fantastic. Very Very Very well done!" - Brian Edwards (from our FB page) "The production on Saturday night of Sweeney Todd was sensational. I was expecting an amateur evening and was surprised by the quality of the sets, costumes, direction and of course the talent. I saw the production both in Stratford and on the London stage and this production was funny and yet retained the dark edge. It simply was a good as the professional shows I have seen. Well directed. Your Tobias was intense and had a moving performance . What splendid voices in Johanna and Mrs Lovett. I particularly enjoyed the mood and tone of the work. I shall return to see other productions next season. Bravo!" - M. D. 
"Thank you for a wonderful evenings entertainment! Keep up the great work! I saw the show last weekend and have to say it was truly a wonderful experience. Solid acting, wonderful cast, gut wrenching performances, a beautiful set and masterful directing. I was moved to tears a couple of times, and was so very glad I had a chance to see it. Thank you each and every one of you for making theatre what it should be. A truly memorable experience WELL DONE!" - Marci C. "I saw the Sweeney show Friday and I’ve just got to say WOW! What an extraordinary experience! Well done! It’s amazing how your ensemble made an old story feel so fresh and easy to relate to. Your characters all seemed so real, and their motivations and reactions so completely understandable… and it’s fascinating how the play still has great relevance today. Revenge at the expense of humanity. I can honestly say I have never been so moved by a play before. Tobias really scared me because the wounds of life are so deep sometime that finding the truth brings destruction. Her portrayal of these – gut-wrenching moments that really affected me, I don’t mind admitting I had tears in my eyes, and I’ve never experienced that from a play before. A tragic story, but there’s so much inspiration you can draw from it. Our only disappointment was that the theatre wasn’t a sell out because you deserved a bigger audience."- James L.

"Thank you so much for the enjoyable evening last Saturday of Sweeney Todd. A talented group of actors. Mrs Lovett was fireball of energy. She overtook the stage with her playing out to the audience moments and it was great fun to see a new way to present such a dark character. I particularly enjoyed the actors Tobias and the Judge. They had great charisma on stage playing the parts of the human psyche we seldom want to acknowledge in darkness or sadness. Having a woman play the Tobias role was brilliant. I soon forgot she was a she, and saw the story through the eyes of a sad and tormented boy. 'Not While I'm Around' was a still and quiet defining moment in the performance. No need for bravado or playing to the audience. This actress owned the stage. Similarly excellent, was your Judge Turpin. Power came from his deep voice and from never having the need to fan out or over act the moments. It was also interesting that you had a woman playing the role of Pirelli. She was an admirable actress and most believable. In fact, all the supporting actors were terrific. Johanna and Anthony strong, strong singers and Johanna was quite comical. I liked your Sweeney. The story was scary enough and so directing this man to be a reserved and calmer Sweeney really added different colours to the musical. I am quite interested in music theatre and travel around to see all the community theatre in a 50 K radius each season. I shall look forward to all three of your next seasons productions." - Ray L. 

"Last weekend, my wife and I attended your Sweeney Todd performance at Newmarket Theatre. We had a fine evening - the story was well-told, the singing was terrific, the sets great and we had ice cream on the way home. Not a bad evening at all! A few days later - I was struck by this amazing thing about your production company. It isn’t anything fancy, really: its just the way you allow your actors to come out into the lobby and give us, the audience a simple thank you for attending. But it struck me as a positively first-class, smart-as-heck move. By doing this simple practice it invigorates our experience by giving us the opportunity to share and remember a few particularly compelling moments from your production. The Aurora Performing Arts Group actors were gracious and spoke to all the audience members in such engaging ways simply talking about the performance. You are doing whatever you can to bring audience members closer and closer to the art, which is (to my mind) an admirable goal.  An excellent decision. Why don't all theatres make this a standard practice? This isn't a theatre with a huge budget or staff; money can't be an issue.  I think other companies sometimes focus too exclusively on the work they put on stage, rather than on the entire theatre-going experience they're creating for  audiences. I really appreciated you allowing for us to check in with the actors after the performance is over. I said it to many that night. These actors are well directed, well taught. They sing well, act well and they deserve the kudos. But so do you as Director and Producer for making the enlightened performance, for directing the team and the simple added bonus of the meet and greet at the end. Bravo! " - Andy J. We hope you've enjoyed reading some of the feedback that we have received about our Sweeney Todd production! Thank's to all who came out to support the arts in York Region, our company, and our talented performers. Follow us on Twitter: @APerformingArts Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/APerformingArtsGroup